News from the Secondary Student Council

Written by: Andy Clapperton, Head of Learning

Having been through a rigorous selection process in standing for the position of Homeroom Representative, the members of the Secondary Student Council for 2019-20 were presented at the recent Founder’s Day Assembly. From Year 7 through to Year 13, each of the students summed up their commitment to and excitement about the Secondary Student Council during this assembly, including a range of different and important leadership roles, such as Treasurer, Secretary and Marketing.

“I really wanted to work with a great team of diverse people to make my final year at YCIS Pudong a memorable one for my year group, the rest of the school, and myself. I can’t wait to see what the Council will contribute this year, and even after I’ve graduated.” Oi In Lin, Year 13

“One of the reasons I wanted to join Student Council again was to improve my interpersonal skills. Working consistently with a group of people towards a common goal has allowed me to not only learn how to express my views more accurately, but also develop better teamwork and organisational skills.” – Joey Wan, Year 13

“We are especially looking forward to contributing to making the school an even better place. In particular, as Year 7 students, we are excited about helping make the Fall Carnival a really fun event for the whole community.” – Jun Kai Loh and Antonio Teh, Year 7

The Secondary Student Council has already held a few meetings and set up routines for these. They have also been brainstorming activities to take place over the course of the year, and these will be more fully developed over the coming weeks.

In the role of representing the voice of our student body, the Secondary Student Council has also carried out a survey of student needs in order to assess where improvements can be made to their experience on campus.

In order to bond as a team, the Council have organised to take part in an escape room activity and are very much looking forward to working together in order to solve the challenges that this will present.

Overall, this year promises to be an exciting one both for Student Council members and for the student body at large, as they participate in the numerous events that will go into our school calendar.