Great Mathematics Competition Success!

Written by:  Bryan Dennie, Head of Secondary Mathematics

In the first week of July, two YCIS Pudong students, Chris Qi (Year 10) and Chengkai Yao (Year 11), took part in the World Mathematics Championships (WMC), hosted by the University of Melbourne in Australia. Chris and Chengkai worked with and against other top qualifying students from Europe and Asia-Pacific throughout the full 12-rounds of competition. They also took part in several workshops and field trips run by the Faculty of Engineering. Chris and Chengkai have both spoken positively about the tremendous experiences gained and new friendships found and both highly recommend that other students consider their involvement in these fun and challenging competitions.


12-round World Mathematics Championship (Melbourne, Australia)

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YCIS Pudong has had four students qualify for the WMC in the past two years, with Chris and Chengkai being the first to attend. The annual qualifying event, the North East Asia Mathematics Competition (NEAMC), includes schools throughout China, Mongolia, South Korea and Japan. Over three days, students take part in the 9-individual and team-based competitive rounds to earn their “golden ticket” to the WMC, alongside the top place finishers from the other qualifying events from around the world. Our YCIS Pudong students continue to medal at NEAMC each year, now earning a total of four in the past two years (1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze).

These successes highlight the strength of the YCIS Pudong Mathematics Programme, where students regularly have and thrive on extension opportunities both in and outside of the classroom, using materials from the University of Waterloo (Canada), Math League (USA), Shanghai Maths, the Singapore Math Olympiad and HighFour (China). More information about the contests we organise and host (e.g. Year 4 – 6 Pi Day Olympics, Year 7 – 8 STEM Olympics), the individual paper-based contests we take part in (Year 5 – 9 Math League, Year 10 – 13 University of Waterloo) as well as the externally hosted competitions (Year 9 – 10 NEAMC, Year 11 – 13 HSTM Suzhou) will be shared with all parents in mid-November, alongside the collection of any needed registration information.

Any questions about these great events can be directed to your child’s Mathematics teacher or the Head of Secondary Mathematics, Bryan Dennie at