A Council of Students – Primary

Written by:  Mr. Robert Cooke, Mrs. Rachael Hemley, and Mr. Robert Garth, Primary Co-Teachers  and Primary Student Council Leaders

During September, each class in Years 3 to 6 held elections to decide which two students would represent them on the prestigious Primary Student Council for this academic year. This is a group of children who represent the student body of the school, making decisions and taking actions which help service and learning, as well as making the school even better.

At Century Park Campus, posters appeared around Learning Communities to reach out to voters as well as ‘Vote X’ paraphernalia being handed out. Would this be enough? Across the school, teachers were widely impressed with the maturity of all candidates, as well as the conduct of the voters. Votes were conducted under tight restrictions, which involved anonymity for every voter.

Now selected, the Student Councilors are clearly excited to get underway. Caspar Forster, a representative of class 3E said, “I am really looking forward to the team building as I heard they do some great activities and team building.”

Another representative, Ana Morcillo from 5B, said “I am looking forward to leading competitions and making the school an even better place.” Chiara Andrade Garrett suggested she would like to hold Meatless Mondays.

It will be a busy year for all of the students involved, with Book Week and Christmas Tree Lighting events already taking up a large portion of the children’s bi-weekly meetings. After a promising start to Student Council life, we are excited to see what further developments the students can make for the remainder of the school year.