Student Focus: Year 5 Student and World Traveler Cherry Liu

Written by: Andrea Griego, Character Ed. & Life Skills Coordinator

Year Five student Cherry Liu has attended YCIS Pudong since she was in K3. Since then, she has met students from around the world at school and that has been part of the inspiration for her and her family to travel to faraway places.

Cherry says her first big trip was to the United States where she visited many cities but the most memorable were San Francisco and the great Southwest. This first trip to a far away land made her hungry for more world travel.


Cherry and her family’s travels have spanned from the North Pole in Russia to the South Pole in Antarctica. While in Russia, Cherry attended the Men’s Soccer World Cup and said, “I used my English, but I used my body language to communicate more.”

This past summer, Cherry traveled to South America where she visited Mexico, Cuba, Peru, the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. She was excited to go to the middle of the globe when she visited the equator in Ecuador, but she was most impressed with her experience in Cuzco, Peru where she witnessed a two-day traditional children’s festival. The Peruvian children wore their school uniforms, sang, danced and marched in a parade. She says, “It was very different from Chinese traditions.”


Cherry loves meeting people from different cultures and learning about their traditions. She says her most prized possessions from traveling are her photos because they help her to remember the beauty of the places she has visited.

Mr. Kitts says, “Cherry is quite the adventurer and shares her travel stories, either through postcards or when asked questions. She visited Antarctica in Year 3, when I was her class teacher, and she sent me a delightful postcard (complete with penguin paper clips). She most recently visited the Amazon Rainforest, but I’ve yet to find out more.”

Other places Cherry has traveled include Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Europe and several places in Asia. Cherry is most definitely a well-travelled student and hopes to continue to travel the world duringher holiday breaks.