Primary Graduation

Written by: Cathal Grimes, Y6 Year Leader

The students of Year 6 are getting ready for the transition into Secondary. We asked the students for 5 things they loved about Primary and 5 things they are looking forward to in Secondary.

5 things we loved about Primary School

  • Camp – In Year 5 we had a great time at camp, and Year 6 was even better! There was hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking. It was so much fun. – Jamie 6A
  • Spring Musical – “So Much Good” was one of the songs we had to sing and it really was so much good. It was great performing in front of our families and the other students. – Darling 6B
  • CISSA Sports – I loved playing on CISSA teams this year. Having the chance to compete against other teams was very exciting. – Yuseong 6C
  • Our Teachers – All the teachers in Primary have been so kind. We are so lucky to have co-teachers that know us so well and can help us learn. – Carrie 6A
  • Friends – The best thing about school! We’ve made our best friends at YCIS. What would we be without them? I will miss them over the summer. – Sasha 6B

5 things we are looking forward to in Secondary

  • EOTC – I am looking forward to the trip to Xi’an in Year 7. I have heard so many great things from the older kids. – Amaliya 6C
  • Spanish – Learning a new language will be difficult, but I am really excited to try. We had a taster on Transition Day and I loved it. – Alana 6B
  • Technology – We already had some sessions in the D&T lab, but next year we get to go there all year! – Antonio 6A
  • More teachers – Next year, every lesson will be with a different teacher. We will get to know so many of them and they will get to know us. – Vandy 6B
  • iPads – We will get to have our own iPads! It is a big responsibility, but we are ready for it! – Lucas 6C