Embracing the Journey through YCIS

Written by: Matt GradyIB Diploma Coordinator

On May 31st our Year 13 class of 2019 officially graduated from YCIS Pudong and now are eagerly looking to the next chapter in their education. Hannah Gan (Singapore) and Oliver Robinson (USA), two long term YCIS students gave the student address at graduation reflecting on their time both academically and outside of classroom at YCIS Pudong. Both students were extensively involved in the life of the school and were humble in recognizing the importance of others in supporting their journey through YCIS.

Hannah reflected on her growth at YCIS, which culminated in her appointment as Head Prefect from 2017-18. Hannah emphasized the importance of time-management demands on the IB Diploma and people; recognizing and appreciating the excellent bond between students at YCIS in supporting each other. Hannah also noted her appreciation (in hindsight) for ‘ongoing past papers’, extensive support in Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay as she prepared for final assessment in the IB Diploma. Mixed in with this was a recognition of how much joy and laughter occurred during her journey through YCIS as her cohort formed their identity amongst the YCIS Pudongcommunity.

Oliver Robinson insisted on the importance of ‘persistence’ connecting with others, and seizing opportunities in his educational journey. He shared fond memories in ECE, Primary and Secondary of jumping up for a high-five whenever he saw our Co-Principal, Mr. Hehir – and not succeeding until Year 8 in Secondary! Oliver stressed the value of ‘getting involved’ in activities such as EOTC, SISAC Sports and Student Council and how these experiences were the foundation for skill development, rich friendships; and how YCIS ultimately taught him the importance of people, collaboration and trust in others.

Hannah and Oliver will now join their class of 2019 as they head out globally to undertake further studies in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Hannah Gan has applied to study Media and Communications / Journalism at the National University of Singapore.  Oliver Robinson is bound for Santa Clara University in the USA to study media and film. We wish these students and the cohort of 2019 all the best in the next chapter of their education.