YCIS Pudong Becoming More Than Aware

Written by Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

The participation of the Family Fun Run on May 11, 2019 was the culmination of this year’s YCIS involvement and contribution to More Than Aware (MTA), a charity organization and a healthy lifestyle support group that empowers women in China to be proactive in the prevention and recovery of breast cancer.   More than this, it aims at raising everyone’s awareness about how our health is precious and how we should take care of it regardless of our age, gender and origins.

Although this is not the first time that members of our YCIS community are supporting this charity organization, this is indeed the first time that three different entities representing YCIS have separately contributed to raise awareness on the cause of MTA, together making it an official support of our school as such.  From a wish to its accomplishment, from little steps to a common impact, let’s revisit YCIS becoming More Than Aware through the time capsule of this school year!

October, 22 2018 – MTA Luncheonat Kerry Hotel

In this huge charity event, there were many parents of YCIS. Some were in Shanghai Latinas Moms, others in Shanghai Mamas and many other different groups. Other people came as  representatives of YCIS.

There were three highlights at this event from YCIS point of view:

  • Tess Robinson, mother of 3 students at YCIS since 2005 was the Emcee of the event.
  • YCIS Pudong and YCIS Puxi parents came together as well
  • Culturally, it is difficult for Chinese people who had been sick to publicly share about their disease. Still, 200 survivors came on stage to showcase themselves – that is why at MTA, they are called “thrivers”.

December, 12 2018 – Pledge YourPonytail (PYP) mini-event by Year 6 Girl Scouts Junior

In this mini charity event, the 7 YCIS Girl Scouts Junior (Year 6, troop 5872) with the support of their Girl Scout Supervisor teamed up for the first time with a volunteer of More Than Aware (MTA) to organize their own Pledge Your Ponytail mini-event at Century Park Campus cafeteria. The aim was to collect hair donationsin order to support local women recovering from breast cancer: 21 ponytails allowing to make 3 wigs!  (with a minimum donation of 15cm of hair).

It was a successful event because of the aim was met and most importantly it raised awareness about the mission of this organization.

March, 3 2019 – MAD Run student-led event around Regency Park Campus


This year, the student organisers of the MAD Run eventchose to support the More Than Aware charityorganization. As with previous years, this event was well-attended by our YCIS families: from ECE to Secondary students, parents, staff and school leaders.

It was a great community event where the student organizing committee apart from raising RMB 27,000 also received great support from various community sponsoring companies: FitFam who offered a warm-up exercise, Fields who donated healthy snacks and drinks, Dragonfly vouchers and most importantly amazing donations for the raffle: hotel nights at the Marriott in Thailand, etc.!

After the event, at a school assembly organized at Century Park Campus, representatives from More Than Aware were invited to officially receive a cheque,  The students were able to meet and enjoy the 20 thrivers who performed their most popular dance on the song “Let Love Move You”, which tells about how love can heal people.

May 11, 2019 – MTA Global Family Fun Run

The participation of the Family Fun Run on May 11, 2019 was the culmination of this year’s YCIS involvement and contribution to More Than Aware (MTA). YCIS Pudong and Puxi was represented by around 70 participants, volunteers and helpers of the event. POP created and sponsored a special pink YCIS Spirit headband to give to the YCIS staff, parents and students!

If you want to know more about More Than Aware, please click here.   If you have any questions or would like to get involved in some of the events above, feel free to email: rpcp.parentrelations@sh.ycef.com