Effective Teamwork Leads to Global Citizenship

Written by Rhena Gan, Year 9 Student

One of the great benefits of YCIS Pudong being such a tight-knit community is that we have the opportunity to work with and learn from students in other year levels. This is amazing, as we are able to gain from such a wide range of experiences. Alongside a Year 12 student, this year I have been privileged to co-lead the Singapore booth for this weekend’s Global Child Day. This role has pushed me far out of my comfort zone, and it has also allowed me to grow in areas I thought I was already fully developed in.

Planning for such a large-scale event has made me realise the importance of effective communication. Ongoing brainstorming and discussion has made our WeChat group a lively one, and I have seen the value of making sure everyone is on the same page. Thoughtful feedback strengthened our teamwork, which made this project enjoyable to work on, as we shared a genuine sense of fun throughout.

Working with a more experienced leader, I have also been able to improve my time management. Using a timeline, we were able to accomplish many tasks quickly and efficiently, all the while staying organised. This is one skill which many, including myself, need to work on. Most important of all, being efficient allows you to stay focused on the goals, which in this case meant coming together to celebrate the uniqueness of our different cultures. By bringing awareness about Singapore’s National Day, we hope that we are doing our little bit to help increase understanding and appreciation of other cultures, and to work towards global citizenship in our international community.