Music for Change – YCEF Seeds of Hope Charity Concert 2019

Written by Nick Adgemis, Performing Arts Director

Can music change the world?  Among the performers and patrons of this year’s annual YCEF Seeds of Hope Charity Concert, there was no doubting the impact of the outstanding musical prowess on display and the elation of having the opportunity to make a difference with music.

The Seeds of Hope Charity Concert offers an elite selection of our music students a very unique opportunity; one that we were delighted to offer to fourteen YCIS Pudong students for 2019.  We were also proud to say that this number of student participants from YCIS Pudong made up the largest cohort of students from a single mainland China YCIS school at this year’s gathering.

The concert itself, this year hosted by YWIES Tongxiang on March 9, was the product of months of preparation and hard work from many students and teachers.  “This is the hardest music I’ve had to play,” exclaimed one of our orchestra participants, who exceeded their own expectations to complete an outstanding performance.   The concert was also performed in front of the largest audience of any Seeds of Hope concert in the past.

The entire YCIS Pudong community would like to congratulate every member of the school’s music teaching team and especially every one of our student performers for their contribution to this year’s Seeds of Hope event.  The concert raised money for the KIM project in which we are raising funds for the construction of a new secondary school in the Philippines.

YCEF Combined Choir 2019 – YCIS Pudong Representatives

Sophia Mille               Y10
Sarah Pan                    Y9
Daphne Cheng           Y7
Zoey Du                      Y7
Judy Feng                   Y7
Lily Kent                     Y6
Wendi Wu                   Y6

YCEF Combined Orchestra 2019 – YCIS Pudong Representatives

Hui Shing Chong       Y11
Hui Wen Chong         Y11
Ann Huang                 Y11
Hei In Lin                    Y9
Joseph Margolis        Y5
Noella Shin                 Y5
Matthew Margolis     Y4