Parent Volunteer Opportunities for Sem 2

Written by: Roseline Yang, Community Liaison Officer

This week is the 17th week of school.  The school year is almost half-way through,  and if you look back, you will see how much we all have grown and improved as individuals and as a community. By investing our time and our efforts in education, the class and school activities, we have contributed to the ongoing improvement of the place we care about, for the benefit of all the members of the school community.

We hope that parent will continue to get involved and provide support in the second semester, especially with the celebration of Chinese New Year coming-up in January!  If you are wondering how you can get involved in Semester 2, here are some ways:

Class Involvement and Decoration for School Events

As in the first semester when parents read stories during Book Week or helped to decorate the corridor’s board on the theme of Dinotopia, class teachers may again seek parent help to organize activities related to Chinese Culture and/or to decorate the board outside the Primary classrooms for ECE & Primary Chinese New Year Celebration Week – January 21-25.

Joining our efforts to celebrate diversity in our School Community

The Parent Organization Pudong (POP) Global Child Day Committee is looking for support again to work in cooperation with the Academic team’s Chinese Culture and Chinese New Year Celebration Week for the following items:

  • Prepare a presentation to share with students during their school assembly
  • Prepare a performance for the Chinese New Year Celebration Evening
  • Prepare fun activities related to Chinese New Year to share with students
  • Prepare a table booth at the entrance of the cafeteria on the theme of Chinese New Year

Remember that everyone is welcome to get onboard in preparation for the Global Child Day on May 25.

Growing by Helping Each Other and Sharing our Talents in the School Community

POP has created a WeChatgroup for parents who would like to support with their time and energy to support the school and upcoming events.  Examples of how parents could help out include: helping the Primary Librarian during the second-hand book exchange, helping the Primary Art teacher with displays, selling YCIS Spirit items during events, or supporting fundraising activities. We are always very grateful to receive help offered by parents.  Thank you very much for supporting POP whose aim is to support the school!

In the second semester, POP will be looking forward to receiving your support for the Staff Appreciation Day on March 13!  Meanwhile, help is always welcome for the secondhand-uniform team on Tuesdays and Chinese translators are always needed, especially for the upcoming parent workshop by licensed counselor Catherine Humpherys on January 10.  English translators might also be needed for the Chinese Painting Workshop offered by Pr. Mou Yue on January 15 & 18.

A huge thank you again for all your effort and contribution to our school! Feel free to contact: rpcp.parentrelations@sh.ycef if you would like to get involved no matter how!