Student Co-Presidents Talk Leadership

During the assembly on Monday, September 10, seven candidates each spoke for several minutes to stake their claims for the two top seats at the Student Council table for 2018-19. Voting took place during the week, and later the two 2018–19 Student Council Co-Presidents were announced.

Congratulations are in order for Alexandra and Shu Min, who were re-elected for a second term in office. “We are excited to continue representing our school in the best way we can, and we’re also thrilled that the students have continued to have faith in us to lead them,” said Alexandra.

It is essential for the Student Council to interact with the student body, so communication is something the pair want to work on in the coming year. “We want to make communication between the students and the Student Council more effective,” said Alexandra. This will mean testing various methods, which could include suggestion boxes or monthly surveys for the students. “We want more of those [interactions] if we’re going to encourage the students, listen more closely to their voices, and to make sure that they’re heard,” said Shu Min.

Being elected to the Student Council provides students with a fantastic opportunity to garner leadership skills that they can use both in school and in their future endeavours. The leaders are aware of how they can implement such skills. “Based on the types of activities we organise, we need to have different styles of leadership,” said Shu Min. Shu Min believes flexibility is integral to the role. “We have to listen to the demands of Year 6 and Year 13 students, and they will have differences between their needs.”

Being a Student Council Co-President comes with its challenges for the incumbents. “For me, it was about learning how to work with others. Throughout my school life and projects, I’ve usually been more independent. Learning how to plan is also really important when you have your school work and exams,” said Alexandra.

So, it’s not just about giving the candidates experience; it’s also about giving back to the broader community. “It helps us expand in our leadership skills, but it helps others, too, and I think that’s what YCIS always strives to do,” said Alexandra.

Gaining leadership skills and taking on extra responsibilities isn’t limited to those on the Student Council either, as there are plenty of opportunities for students to develop these skills by participating in Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), or Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) projects. “Our school doesn’t limit us by saying, ‘If you’re part of the Student Council, your responsibilities lie only there.’ They really encourage everyone to get involved,” said Alexandra.

So, is it all worth it? “Definitely!” enthused Shu Min. We look forward to seeing the pair take their enthusiasm to the next level for another successful year as Co-Presidents!