Learning Communities in the ECE

Written By: Veronica Martin; ECE Coordinator

The way we view learning has changed over the years.  Learning should be viewed as a moving, exciting and wonderful thing; something that children engage with. Environments and spaces should invite the learner into the area and they need to be flexible and adaptable to the audience that is using the area. With this in mind, during the recent summer holidays a large wall was knocked down in the ECE Library to  create an adaptable learning space for all. The environment is a space that encourages creativity and social engagement.

Each week the ECE children engage in what we refer to as the Class Community Learning programme (CCL). The CCL programme is where we bring the whole year level together for a period of time into a large, creative space. The programme begins slowly as we need all the children to be comfortable with the new space and the ability to confidently move between inside and outside, weather permitting.  K4s start first, then the K3s, and by October the K2 children are also engaged in the CCL programme.

The space has an open feel to it and children are able to move freely between the indoor and outdoor learning space, creating opportunities for them to work creatively together.  This allows the students to build confidence outside the standard classroom, and gives all teachers the opportunity to interact with all students in a warm, supportive and stimulating environment. Emphasis is placed upon group activities that encourage children to problem solve and develop further in their mathematical and language skills. Currently the K4 students have already started participating in CCL.  They are engaged in different areas such as building, reading, creating and working together. These sessions are held each week and all you hear are children talking and laughing with each other.