Groundbreaking in the Philippines!

Written By: Chris Perks, School Chaplain (YCIS Shanghai) and Seeds of Hope Coordinator (Mainland China) 

This past week I was very privileged to represent the Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of a new Secondary School building at the Cuatro Christian School (CCS) outside Manila in the Philippines. Seeds of Hope (SoH) is partnering with Kids International Ministries (KIM) in this new fundraising venture to complete the school with space for Grade 11 (by June 2019) and Grade 12 classrooms the following year. The new building will include science laboratories, design and technology workshops and more. CCS is already bursting at the seams with the 487 students (Grade 1-10) on four existing properties.

It was such a joyful occasion, as we celebrated the purchase of the ground and talked about the hope and coming reality of a new building, soccer field and more. This will mean so much to the community and be a “seed” of “hope” to these families and students, as they will be able to continue on to Higher Education. I am looking forward to taking our Year 11 students there for our SoH/EOTC trip in October, where we will be able to participate in “Love and Charity” in very practical ways: by physically helping on the new property, by being involved with a feeding scheme in the community, by connecting our students with the local community, and so much more.

Throughout the year, YCIS Pudong will be able to support this project through various fundraising events and also consider practical ways we can support them, every time we visit the school.

The excitement amongst the school community was palpable. The anticipation, excitement and hope that filled every heart at the ceremony demonstrated the best of what service means to me and our large YCIS Pudong community. There is so much to look forward to!