YCIS Pudong Students Receive Stunning IB Exam Results

We would like to congratulate our YCIS Pudong Graduating Class of 2018 on their outstanding IB results, which are amongst the highest in Shanghai and the best worldwide. The graduates attained an extremely impressive average score of 38.8 out of a maximum of 45. Incredibly, this is nine (9) points higher than the 2018 global average of 29.8. They also scored an astonishing average of at least six (6) points (out of a possible seven (7)) in individual subjects undertaken. We are immensely proud and impressed by both the individual and group achievements, as are our IB programme leaders.

According to Mr Matthew Grady, the Upper Secondary IB Coordinator, “The IB results for the Class of 2018 are sensational, and these results are a reflection of the hard work and thorough preparation of our IB students, many of whom started with YCIS Pudong in our Early Childhood Educationand Primaryprogrammes. The results stemmed from excellent parental support, which we truly appreciate, and are also a testament to the dedication, experience and careful guidance of our IB teachers.”

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an internationally-recognised educational programme, which is offered to students in Years 12 and 13 at YCIS Shanghai, providing them with the tools needed to go on to study at some of the top higher educational establishments across the world. In recent years, YCIS Shanghai students have always outperformed the worldwide average, but this year is particularly notable for our YCIS Pudong cohort.

A key incentive for taking the IBDP is that it surpasses entry requirements for many international higher educational establishments and therefore enables students to seamlessly enter universities across the world without the need to take supplementary examinations or qualifications. This year, the graduates will matriculate at globally-renowned universities and higher educational establishments, including:

  • McGill University
  • New York University
  • Penn State University
  • University College London
  • University of Hong Kong

Our University Guidance Counsellor, Mr. Timothy Gartz added, “The Class of 2018 at YCIS Pudong had a banner year in terms of university acceptances. Students earned exceptional placements at prestigious universities around the world. Future classes at the school will look up to this year’s graduates as the benchmark for what is possible. We wish our students outstanding success as they begin their respective studies.”

Beyond their academic successes, this cohort included students who have made a difference in the lives of others with their charity work and community service, talented athletes who competed at a high level in a wide range of sports, artists who have exhibited in galleries, actors who have shone on the stage, musicians who performed to crowds of hundreds, and award-winning science and technology students.

We look forward to hearing how our newest alumni are doing as they set off on their journeys to university, and their how their achievements inspire the forthcoming Class of 2019.