Summer Sees a Series of Facility Improvements at YCIS Pudong

As always, the summer months have been a busy time for YCIS Shanghai staff, who have worked incredibly hard to complete a series of renovation works across our Pudong campuses.

Regency Park Campus has seen a flurry of remodeling activity:

  • An expanded area in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Library to provide a Learning Community space for our youngest learners.
  • Outdoor lighting has been added on the playing field to give the participants in evening activities the best possible sporting environment, particularly during the winter months when the nights draw in earlier.
  • A new Music Technology Lab has been set up on the third floor in Room 309 for Primary students
  • Additional classrooms have been made available due to increased student demand.
  • In alignment with YCIS’ stringent Child Protection policies, we have added doors in all washrooms to completely separate adult and child facilities.

At our Century Park Campus, our beautification efforts continued across the buildings and grounds:

  • Including the installation of a stunning new covered walkway, which is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely practical. The elegant glass and wood construction provides natural light and shelter for our students as they stroll from the main building to the cafeteria, gym, and theatre.
  • Some fantastic new displays were also installed in the hallways, giving information on the University Guidance process as well as Learner Profile traits, which are a critical part of the Secondary Programme of learning.
  • A new technology centre can be found on the fourth floor to support the advancement of our students’ ICT studies.
  • The Staff Lounge facilities at the campus have also been improved to enable additional collaboration opportunities for our teaching staff, and the space includes cooking facilities, which students may have access to during future Co-Curricular Activities.

The YCIS Pudong Co-Principals, Mr. Damien Hehir and Ms. Mary Yu, were thrilled with the works and commented, “We are always looking for ways to improve our facilities for staff and students alike, so we are delighted with the results of the recent summer renovation works.”

At YCIS Shanghai, we take pride in our continued efforts to create learning environments for our students that are uplifting and inspiring. We strive to create campuses that are not only modern and well-designed, but also safe and secure, allowing our students to focus their efforts on learning and growing both individually and academically.