YCIS Student Makes A Noise For Autism Awareness

Written by: Ms. Skingley, Music Teacher and Elena Yu, Year 10 Student


As part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award, Elena Yu was set the task of volunteering her time to a chosen cause to experience the benefit that her service could provide. As a talented musician and IGCSE music student, Elena decided that she wanted to share her talent, and the talents of her fellow students, with the wider community. Her creative spirit and enthusiasm for all things musical led her to organizing her own concert and, on 24th April, 40 students from local special education schools came to the CP Theatre to enjoy the student performances.

Elena organised this event in collaboration with Xiersen Child Service Centre as part of their AGame initiative. AGame seeks to promote awareness of special needs issues China-wide through activities that are fun, educational and inspiring. Working alongside them, Elena was able to establish a bond with this fantastic cause and make a real contribution to their vision.

When the local school students arrived at YCIS, they were greeted by some of our Year 9 students who welcomed them and made them feel at home. The concert featured performances from the Stage and Show Band, Voices, piano soloist Mark Ma and a small ensemble playing an original composition by Elena. With the help of the YCIS students, percussion instruments were handed out to the audience and everyone joined in with the music making. Everyone wore striped arms bands to unite students from all schools and raise autism awareness. Elena was keen for the event to be inclusive and about making bonds with students from other schools.

This type of event was a first for YCIS and, driven by Elena’s caring personality, is a true realization of our school motto in aligning Love and Charity with Culture and the Arts.