Memories of Primary School

Written by: Year 6 Students

Our time in Primary School is coming to an end. We have sat through countless classes, gone on numerous field trips, met some awesome teachers, and made many amazing friends. Now, we are ready to embark on a new journey: the journey into Secondary School!

As we come to the end of our wonderful time at Primary School, we have had the chance to look back and ask our fellow students about their favourite memories over the last 6 years at YCIS.

Ian Ng has been at YCIS since he was in K2. We asked him what his favourite memories of school have been. Initially, he was unsure. He had to think really hard as, “there are so many!” Eventually he settled on Year 5 Camp. Ian loved the experience, as it was the first trip overnight away from school. “The best part was when we were on the Bridges,” Ian said. He described how they were challenging, but a lot of fun. “Like a lot of things in Primary School.”

Overnight trips were a popular choice among students when remembering their favourite times. However, Karim Daki (at YCIS since Year 1) remembers the Year 4 Sleepover for different reasons. For him, things didn’t quite go to plan. He was very excited about getting the chance to sleep in the school, but he caught a fever on the day of the event. “I was disappointed,” he recalls. “The nurse sent me home, but even then I begged my Mom to let me go.” Unfortunately for Karim, the fever meant he fell asleep at home and missed his chance to sleep at Regency Park Campus. “Who knows?” asks Karim, “Maybe one day I will go back to RP and have a nap.” Our students never do give up, do they?

It isn’t just about what happened outside the classroom though. Many students told us funny stories of friends and teachers throughout their years here. Nina Leger, who joined in Year 3, told us about her teacher that year (Mr. Ryan Kravalis). He set the class a challenge to read 100 books. If they could complete this task, he would shave a funny message into his beard. They did. “He shaved LOL into his beard,” she giggled as she traced the letters on her cheek. Laugh out Loud indeed!

The memories we have made in Primary School are unforgettable ones. We will never forget the help and support that everyone at YCIS has given us over our years here: from the bus drivers, to the teachers; the lunch ayis, to the office administrators; the librarian, to the security guards. We thank you! And we look forward to coming back and visiting soon.

Goodbye Primary School. We will never forget you!