Love and Charity in Action at YCIS

Written by: Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

If you pay attention to the people at YCIS, you may start to notice that our school is filled with many charitable hearts who care for the people surrounding them in the school or outside the school, in Shanghai or outside Shanghai, who care for the wellbeing of the country they come from or the country they live in, who care for others even more than for themselves, who care for the planet more than for their own comfort.  

This is how we have practiced Love & Charity in our YCIS Community this year:

 Great Wall Half Marathon for a Hospital in London 

I would like to thank everyone for your kind and generous donation to my charity fundraiser.  The money is going to Guys and St. Thomas Hospital in London, a hospital that is very close to my family and me.  In total I have raised 4396 RMB from Shanghai and an additional £250 from England totalling around £750.  

I managed to run the half Marathon in 2 hours and 37 minutes. It was a fantastic experience being able to run on the wall; hopefully some of you will be able to experience it in the future.  I thank you again for your kindness and support.   

Terence Moran, Design Technology Teacher

 First child benefitting from the fundraising efforts to Heart to Heart 

We wanted to say thank you again to all who have supported our Heart to Heart fundraising efforts this school year. As previously mentioned we were able to donate 6 Heart surgeries. The first recipient had surgery last week and is a little boy named Wang Hengli from Shandong Province and he is 2 years old. A couple of us were able to see him the day he came out of recovery. The family was very grateful for all all the support from YCIS. We will keep you all posted as the next 5 children come in and visiting those children will be possible at assigned times.  – Nadine Runkel, POP Liaison Officer  

We were also able to go and see the sleeping boy—who was so, so cute! We got a wonderful tour of the facility and the sorting room, and of course learned so much about the fabulous work Heart to Heart does. Highly recommend a visit when the next child has his/her surgery!  – Message from Ana Eccles, YCIS Parent 

We were told many, many times how incredibly grateful everyone at Heart to Heart is to YCIS – we are one of their biggest sponsors and supporters!  Every surgery we fund saves the life of a child who would not be able to have surgery without our donations.  This changes the lives of the whole family and also the entire village community!  And, I’m not sure everyone is aware, but Heart to Heart is 100% volunteers – no one who works there gets paid!!!  So everything we give goes directly to the families in need.  Truly a remarkable organization – so proud that our YCIS community is able to do so much for them.– Heather Louis, YCIS Parent 

2000 Km Walk in Europe to Raise Awareness for the KIM Philippines Project 

As most of you know I will be walking the 2000 Km “Via Francigena” pilgrimage beginning June 1 from Canterbury Cathedral all the way to the Vatican in Rome which I am aiming to reach by August 10.  I am very pleased that I will be joined for the launch in Canterbury and for the first few days of the walk by Sophie Che from YCIS-CQ, Chris Perks from YCIS-SH, and Karin Jensen from YCIS-HK as well as YCIS-HK alumni Diva Wong.   

I’m doing this adventure to raise awareness for Seeds of Hope as well as solicit donations for our “Common Project” with Kids International Ministries in the Philippines.  All donations received through the page will be given directly to Kids International Ministries

The donation page on “Simply Giving” is live now:   

I look forward to sharing with our students and staff across Yew Chung & Yew Wah the amazing “Seeds of Hope” stories I’m sure to experience on this adventure.  

Stephen M. Hackman, Head of Christian & Community Development Division, Yew Chung Education Foundation 

As you may know, this year as we celebrate the 85th Anniversary of the Yew Chung Education Foundation, the Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) and Yew Wah International Education Schools (YWIES) have re-branded all of their charity work under the banner of Seeds of Hope (SoH).  SoH is now the overarching charity programme involving the whole school community with the aim to reach out to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and plant “seeds of hope” in a needy world.