Our YCIS Legacy

Written by: Timothy Gartz, University Guidance  & Janelle Garrett, Lower Secondary Coordinator

This year, amongst our graduating students are several who have been a part of our YCIS Pudong community for many years. To appreciate their journey and the impact YCIS has had on them as well as the impact they have made on our campus we recently held interviews to hear their perspectives and stories.

Interviewees include these Year 13 students who began their journey at YCIS Pudong in year K4: Marcus Tan (Singapore); Y1: Anna Xie (USA); Y5: Elizabeth Robinson (Australia); Y7: Kenneth Tng (Singapore);  Y7: Lorenzo Cavalleri (Italy).

With so many fond memories accumulated over the years at YCIS, it was interesting to hear which ones really stood out. These included Global Child Day over the years; a memorable Abba-inspired performance as they transitioned from Regency Park to Century Park campus; a trip to Tokyo in Year 8 for World Scholars’ Cup with outstanding older students who inspired them; Student Council elections; performing onstage in school musical theatre productions of Godspell or You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown; a first stage-kiss in Romeo and Juliet; and several incredible moments on the many YCIS trips over the years from Seeds of Hope service trips to sports and academic competitions to EOTC trips all over China and especially the Year 12 trip to Thailand.

They credit these experiences with shaping who they are today:


“My experience at YCIS so far has been my whole life, so I don’t know anything else. I’ve met great people in this school and developed a passion for art inspiring me to pursue real world applications of design to hopefully make a career out of it.” (Marcus)

“YCIS CP allowed me to get involved in a wide range of activities to become a more balanced person…I would like to continue to be a lifelong learner in a breadth of subjects. I don’t wish  to be narrowed down to one area and plan to study a dual degree combining the Sciences and Arts.” (Libby)

“YCIS has shaped me into a more outspoken and questioning person. The small and inclusive class sizes are able to create the perfect environment for in-depth discussions between teachers and students, be it about curriculum work or international affairs or life.” (Kenneth)

“I learned the importance and value in having strong relationships with teachers and asking help whenever I needed it. I’ve also become a more adept and concise writer, which will help as I study film at NYU.” (Anna)

“YCIS has helped me become a confident public speaker, having the opportunity to speak in front of others for a variety of purposes and audiences has made a big difference.” (Lorenzo)

The legacy the Class of 2018 leaves behind at YCIS extends is well beyond the awards they achieved, the trophies in the display case, the murals they painted on the walls of the corridors, the clubs they founded and shaped, the service projects they led, the traditions they helped establish with different Student Council events, and the leadership they inspired and nurtured in their fellow students.

The kindling power of the relationships forged at YCIS cannot be underestimated and will surely continue to inspire as they go around the world to pursue their dreams.