Senior Class of 2018 Look Aheads to Studies at Top Universities

Written by: Timothy Gartz, University Guidance 

As IB Examinations at Century Park Campus draw to a close, much excitement and joy are felt for this impressive cohort of IB students as they prepare to graduate, heading towards outstanding university opportunities. Led by Head Prefects Lorenzo Cavalleri and Cindy Liu, this group will no doubt leave a lasting impression on Pudong Campus. Several have been with us since commencing in ECE, with all growing into students who have fully embraced the academic, extra-curricular and leadership opportunities offered at YCIS. Importantly, they have truly become caring and critical ‘thinkers’ actively promoting, and educating their peers on the attributes of the IB Learner Profile, and modelling ‘global citizenship’.


Embracing the wide array of learning opportunities at YCIS has led to impressive university offers. With a class of 14 graduates, these offers already extend to 6 countries across the globe even while a few of these students have yet to apply or receive offers due to later application deadlines to Singapore and Australia. Impressive, our Year 13 graduates are averaging more than 5 offers per student and include some of the very best universities listed in US News and World Report, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings and The Russell Group such as: Science Po in France and The University of Durham, King’s College (2), University College London (2), and University of Warwick (3) in the UK. In North America: The George Washington University, Sarah Lawrence College, University of Rochester, University of California Santa Barbara, and New York University in the USA and McGill University (3), University of British Columbia, and University of Toronto (5) in Canada.


Closer to home, students have earned acceptances to Hong Kong University (2), HKUST, and Hong Kong Polytechnic and in Japan: Keio, Sophia University (2) and Waseda University (2) to name a few. Because of the caliber of our students, several have earned prestigious scholarship awards that offset some of the tuition and costs of higher education. Within this cohort, we have potential Scientists and Chemical Engineers, Computer Technicians, Artists, Veterinarians, Philosophers, Economists, Business Managers, one who is interested in Film Studies and another with so much talent she remains undecided. Working closely with them, we see their futures bright with limitless potential. We congratulate our Senior Class on their outstanding achievements in academics and for the way they have led our school this year in service, extra-curricular activities, sports, and in a powerful demonstration of friendship. Your impact and legacy has been and will remain extra-ordinary. Congratulations YCIS Pudong Class of 2018!