Seeds of Hope Charity: Philippines Project

Edited by: Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

Last month, Steve Hackman, Head of the Christian Community Development Division (CCDD), based in Hong Kong visited our Shanghai Campuses to raise awareness of the Seeds of Hope Project in the Philippines.  He met with Primary and Secondary students, staff and parents.

This project will support, fundraise and serve the construction of a secondary school building for Cuatro Christian School (CCS) in a precinct of Manila in the Philippines.  It was chosen to reach a wider community outside of China to celebrate Yew Chung Foundations’ 85th Anniversary.

The project aims to reach out to “love our neighbor as ourselves” and plant “seeds of hope in a needy world”.   Check the website

The Seeds of Hope concept was born out of the overwhelming tragedy of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008. All Yew Chung International Schools (YCIS) responded wholeheartedly to the humanitarian needs resulting from that devastating earthquake. With the funds collected by our students from all YCIS campuses, we created SEED, Sichuan Earthquake Educational Development, to channel the funds into the restoration of the Minzhu Primary School in Anyue County, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province.

The Seeds of Hope project is an investment in the future of our students – instilling in them good character and teaching them the importance of helping us and giving back to the community. Taking part in this project is a learning experience for us to help plant a seed and watch it grow.

Most Secondary students, have experienced Seeds of Hope trips and have shared the following reflections upon their return:

Helping underprivileged kids in the school and making an impact on their lives gives a lot of satisfaction.  Dancing with my favorite baby child and seeing the zest and happiness in her movements just made my heart melt.  Joshua Y10B

I love teaching the students. It was a blast! They are so adorable and fun to work with.  Hui  Shing Chong 10B

I especially love the dance with them on the second day in the basketball courtyard, because we got to communicate with the children in a different way –  music and dance.  I believe both YCIS students and students at the SoH school found this experience fascinating.  Elena Yu Y10B

Actually, getting to see and experience what school is like for students in rural areas, it really is quite eye-opening. It creates a stark contrast between our school and theirs, and it made me quite happy and grateful that I am able to go to an international school like YCIS every day. Hayley Chu Y10B

I learnt that I should treasure whatever is given to me, this would ensure that I would never take anything for granted, using anything in its full potential.  Joshua, Y10B

I learnt to be flexible and understanding as some people will not share the same values or ideas as you and you must learn to learn from each other and accept it. Alexandra Saw Y10B

I learnt how to give back when you are more fortunate than others. Oufan Li Y10B

Our School Chaplin, Chris Perks oversees our Seeds of Hope Trips and according to him:

“I want to take our students to the Seeds of Hope schools to see for themselves and experience first-hand how you can help those that have less than you. By being there. It’s not just about money, even though that does make a difference.  There is no minimum to give, as we do not want to give any pressure to our community. We will be grateful with whatever amount is given. Having the intention is already what matters.”

Leo Lazo, Character Coordinator in the Primary School, is also very active in Seeds of Hope Trips.  He said:

” We are able to bless others as we have been blessed. These schools remind me of my roots as an immigrant from Cuba to the US. My family and the families from these schools have a lot in common.  As a result, I am very comfortable being around them and spending time with them. I have been involved with these trips since the very first Seeds of Hope trip to Anyue, Sichuan in 2010. And every trip brings a new experience because children are different and some of their lives have been improved.

Organizing these trips allows me to connect with the school in ways that others do not. It is also humbling because they show us what is important. To that end, our trips are organized in such a way that when we leave, seeds of hope have truly been planted, not only in their lives but in ours as well.”

How can you contribute to this Seeds of Hope Project?
We would appreciate any donations to the Seeds of Hope Philippines Project.  If you would like to donate, please use the QR code.