A Student’s Perspective on the Year 5&6 Musical: “Superstar”

Written by: Julia Shih (Year 6C student)

When our Music teacher, Ms. Skingley walked into our classroom one morning, I could tell that there was a new bounce in her stride. Then she told us: auditions for the Spring Musical were nearing; anyone interested in trying out follow her outside the classroom. A low murmur broke out through the class. Slowly, I pushed in my chair and, along with some other kids, went to go join my teacher outside.

Leading up to auditions was and is scarier than actually performing. Walking into the audition, I shared a nervous but excited air with the rest of the to-be cast. We played some games, and shortly began the auditions. We read parts of the script aloud, each speaking as the character we were trying out for. Tryouts flew by like the wind on a chilly winter day, which described the weather as we left school then, the wind in our faces.

Time slowed, however, in the weeks before Christmas; every last one of us was desperate to know if we ‘got the part’. One lunchtime during our rehearsals for the Christmas Concert, the Director, Ms. Livermore, called us together. As the list of roles was announced, each was followed by numerous squeals and groans. When my name was called, I sighed with relief.

Christmas came and went. Each rehearsal seemed more intense than the last, each more exciting. Being on stage gave me a leaping feeling inside, and the show was really starting to come together. I just didn’t realize how soon I would be on stage, performing.

Before I knew it, I was already sitting in a chair, in costume, makeup being applied to my face. Our first show was starting in one hour. We walked single file, heading towards backstage, and for the first time, my smile faltered. Would everything go smoothly?

Just then, the houselights dimmed. An overture began. And just then, I smiled, restraining myself from peeking out onto the stage. In the blink of an eye, the show was over, and the cast was assembled on stage, singing the last chorus, a sea of colors and people. I couldn’t stop smiling; no one could. And the lights were extinguished.

That was my experience of the Spring Musical, Superstan.