Student Focus: A Y2 Student is Growing in Her Abilities in a Unique Olympic Sport!

Written by Andrea Griego, Student Support Coordinator

Teresa Pan in Y2B has been doing Rhythmic Gymnastics for a little over a year and a half, and although she is still a beginner, she has already participated in a competition here in Shanghai. Rhythmic Gymnastics differs from regular gymnastics because it combines gymnastics, ballet, and modern dance. Rhythmic Gymnastics is choreographed to music and performed with five apparatuses: ribbons, balls, ropes, hoops, and clubs. Teresa is currently learning balls and ribbons. They are easier than other three apparatuses and suitable for beginners.

Teresa said she asked her mom if she could try Rhythmic Gymnastics and her mother agreed seeing that most participants looked strong and fit. I asked Teresa what she liked most about Rhythmic Gymnastics, and as many Year 2 students would answer, Teresa said, “I like my teacher the most because she teaches me lots of things.” Teresa is proud of the fact that she can train for up to three hours at a time, can do a hand stand and has friends in her class of different ages.


During Teresa’s first competition she was part of the group events and received a Silver award. She is currently training for her next competition in August and will begin intensive training nearer to the competition. This intensive training will be important as she will be preparing for individual events on ball and ribbon. Apart from the completive side of the sport, Teresa and her mother agree that it is good for fitness and building body control. Because of the techniques used in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Teresa has also seen rapid growth in her ballet skills and figure skating as well.