A Tradition of Love and Charity

Written by: Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

Love and Charity is not only alive in the YCIS Community, it is has become an active and ever-present part of our life at YCIS. Members of the whole school community are involved in bringing to life this key part of the YCIS School Motto. Let’s take a snapshot at what has been done already this first semester.

Event Name   People involved  Charity Supported  Action  Money raised 
POP Picnic & Bazaar  ECE & Primary Eco Committee (Teachers & Parents) The Million Tree Project Selling reusable straws and lemonade RMB 2,500
Year 6 Silk Road Topic Year 6 students Baby Home Sold items to Year 5 students RMB 3,200
Christmas Tree Lighting Parents and students Will Foundation Selling home-baked cookies, Cash donation from parents and Korean community,

Epermarket  and Sweet Ever After contribution through Advent Calendars and Christmas Gingerbread House Kits

RMB 12,464.80
  Secondary School Environmental Awareness Committee (Students) The Million Tree Project Selling tote bags RMB 3,000
Movember  Student Council The Renewal Centre Range of events including free dress days, fall-themed activities, bake sales and a VR experience RMB 20,481
POP Giving Tree  Parents and students Baby Home and Will Foundation Collecting goods, sorting and delivering to the organizations Donated goods
Primary Christmas Concerts & Assemblies

Thursday Free Dress Day

ECE & Primary Eco Committee + Secondary Environment Awareness Committee The Million Tree Project  Christmas ornaments


Proceeds of Free dress day (RMB 25/person)

 To be shared

These are just highlights of some key events of this first semester but what is very interesting to note are the two following points: 

  • Our school has become the heart for raising awareness about charity

Whenever our Parent Organization of Pudong has been involved, there is always a focus in promoting worthwhile causes. This has been evident at events such as the POP Welcome Gathering in September, POP Picnic & Bazaar in October, POP Christmas Market at the Christmas Tree Lighting in November, and the recent POP Giving Tree in December. Through these events, we have been able to support various charities. This includes Will Foundation and their aim to build an Eco-House for the children they are raising. Not only did they receive the support of our YCIS parents through the bake sale, but also from outside companies who partnered with us and donated a percentage of their sales to the Will Foundation. 

  • Our students have taken the leadership in running charity events

In the Secondary School, students have become the ones leading charity activities, especially through the Student Council’s initiatives and committees. An example of this is Movember, which initially started from a teacher’s personal involvement in raising awareness for the Renewal Centre to help homeless men and women. In ECE & Primary we have an Eco committee, run by teachers and staff. Secondary school takes this a step further. The Environmental Awareness committee is mainly led by the students themselves and supports Charities like the Million Tree Project, but also raises awareness throughout the whole school.

There is so much to cover regarding this topic that it can hardly fit on a page, especially considering that these charities are not only supported by the school but mainly by individuals. When an action has become a habit, and when a habit has been cultivated and shared with others within the same community, it becomes a tradition. And traditions are part of an individual so, wherever you go, you will see love and charity around you.