My 12 Days in Chiang Mai

Written by: Costanza Cavalleri, Year 12 Student

My recent adventure on our school trip to Thailand was twelve days filled with a roller coaster of emotions. These ranged from the excitement of trying new things, such as finally finding out the results of our river study, to the fear of taking risks, like when we went zip lining, pushing ourselves off the edge of the high platform and sailing through the air, courageously exiting our comfort zones.

The EOTC trips, which YCIS Secondary students go on from Year 7 up to Year 10, and the Seeds of Hope trip in Year 11, prepares students for the Thailand Trip in Year 12 (by then, parents too are also prepared for their child being away from home for so long!) Ever since my first EOTC in Year 7, I have been impatiently waiting for the Thailand Trip.

The Thailand trip had activities which we had trained up for during the previous EOTC trips. The knowledge, sense of adventure, and commitment to serving others that we had previously gained all came together for one thrilling week and a half.

Starting the trip with three days of river studies, we applied our knowledge from the classroom in collecting data from river sites. The Biology students explored vegetation in the surrounding area of the river, whilst the Environmental Sciences and Societies students studied organisms in the river. The Geography and Physics students collaborated to measure the rivers flow, current speed within its dimensions. It was impressive to see so many academic disciplines coming to work together.

We then spent the next couple of days carrying out various other activities. The most impressionable one for me was definitely riding the elephants, as well as the unique experience of leading a veterinarian check on one of the elephants. We also learnt about the history of Thailand, broadening our knowledge and exploring a new subject for those who didn’t study History in IGCSE or IB. The trip ended with community service, in which we helped to renovate a local school’s kitchen, getting our hands and clothes very dirty. Thankfully, we were well fed for our hard work!

This trip not only helped us students grow as individuals, it gave us the opportunity to branch out and learn new things, bringing us together as a year group. We have bonded and created a strong support system for one another; we are more prepared than ever to help each other through the challenging year and a half ahead as IB students.