Introducing the Primary Student Council

Written by: Jennifer Stains and Renae Livermore, Primary Student Council Leaders

It is our pleasure to welcome the new Student Council for this school year!

3A Emma Jin, Alex Dong                     3B Cherry Liu, Dexter Tay, Akshay Kini
3C Yeonwoo Cho, Matthew Chow       3D Jessica Hehir, Jules Edmonds

4A Kayleigh Cui, Zack Yang                 4B Timothy Lee, Caroline Lu
4C Abbie Pan, Luiza Chiang                4D Laura Dalla, Candy Zhu

5A Wendi Wu, Kaan Sudak                  5B Antonio Teh, Seongbin Lee
5C Sharlene Yap, Jun Kai Loh

6A Julie Lui, Amelie Petznick               6B Elizabeth Lim, Leo Wang
6C Emmanuel Teh, Karim Daki

Student Council is a wonderful opportunity for students to become involved in the wider school community. They represent their peers and implement initiatives around the school including: encouraging environmentally friendly practices such as waste free snacks and recycling; and encouraging healthy habits such as keeping physically active and making healthy choices in the cafeteria.

As well as continuing their work in the above mentioned areas, this year the Primary Student Council members will focus particularly on public speaking and how to demonstrate effective leadership. Students will also be involved in a variety of charity events and represent YCIS outside of school, as ambassadors and role models.

Primary Student Council members are elected by their classmates. Every student is offered the opportunity to compose and deliver a campaign speech. Following this, an election takes place where the students vote and ultimately two representatives are chosen from each class.

When asked why it was important to them to be a part of the Primary Student Council this year this is what some of the students had to say:

“I want to help make our school a better place. I want everyone to be excited about coming to school everyday to learn” – Sharlene Yap, 5C

“I like everyone to be happy and I don’t like to see anyone having problems. I want to be on student council this year so that I can help people” – Laura Iacone, 4D

“My brother said that it would be fun to be in Student Council and I thought that maybe I could get in so I prepared a speech. I think it will be good to go to the meetings and I think that I can be a good role model to my friends” – Matthew Chow 3C

Matthew Chow 3C
Laura Iacone, 4D
Sharlene Yap, 5C