Building a Stronger YCIS Community

Written by: Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

This is my second year at YCIS and I  am continually amazed by the incredible things happening in this school community. Both teachers and parents have blown me away by their involvement in the school, making it not only a stronger community but also, contributing greatly to the development of our children.

Please read about some testimonials about the latest engagements in our school for the education of our students.

  • Shaping Who We Are during Year 3’s Heritage and Community Day

 “Growing up in my family meant Christmas dinners of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. It also meant eating parmigiana and learning how to twist my spaghetti into the perfectparcelon the fork. These were not just fun traditions, they were lessons in my familys cultural heritage. My mother is English, my father is Italian. I grew up in England. For many of our students at YCIS, their experiences of the world are similar, if not more diverse. The food they eat, the languages they speak, the festivals they attend, the mannerisms they are taught all help shape who they are and who they will become. Therefore, learning about other countries and cultures is an essential part of our studentseducation at YCIS.

During Year 3’s Heritage and Community Day, we were fortunate enough to have parents from all around the world come in and share the games, food, books and art that they grew up with and that continue to form their familys customs and culture. From eating enchiladas to playing the traditional Korean arrow game, there was not a dull moment on this exciting and special day. These experiences will help develop an openmindedness in our students and encourage respect and appreciation for cultural diversity and the beliefs and values of others.” – Elena Granato, Year 3 Year Level Leader

“Y3D was in charge of all the games. We had games from different cultures:

Chinese moms brought in lantern riddle game and sticks, while Korean moms brought in Tuho, which is an arrow game. Mira and I did the Traditional American Game called Jacks, which is basically a game where you try to pick up the jacks with one hand – one by one – while throwing another ball with another hand until you pick all of them up.

I think that the kids had fun dressing up and getting more familiar with their heritage. I believe that when parents are involved in these learning activities, it helps students to bring learning into life and make it more concrete for them. It was a great effort from all the parents from all over the globe and I am very proud to be part of this community.”  Chai-Kee (Adison Y5, Brayden Y3D)

  • Year 5 Waste Free Buffet Day

In the recent Y5 Waste Free Buffet Day, it was an amazing experience collaborating with the supportive parents and teachers to cultivate a healthy and waste free lifestyle among the children. Each of us contributed in a small way and complemented each other with our gifts and talents. Together, we left a positive imprint for the children to enjoy tasty snacks and learned the benefits of waste free, healthy lifestyle”Anne Teh (Emmanuel – Y6C; Antonio Y5B)

    • POP Picnic & Bazaar

Parent Feedback from the POP Picnic and Bazaar:

Thank you so much for bringing such precious experience to all the students and their families!  Susan Mou

Fantastic event! Everything was perfect! Thank you for organizing! Well done!  Vicky Juaristi

Thanks again so much for helping to make this a fun event !!! The Dunk Tank is a highlight each year, especially for the kids and it’s a great way to make yourself even more memorable ☺.  Nadine Runkel writing to the teachers volunteering for the Dunk Tank

Girls good job! For those who were in charge of the event and the rest of us that helped today. I felt was super good, lots of people and kids having fun!!! Thank you Catalina as well who did not have her baby today–  Maca writing to the POP Picnic & Bazaar Committee

Lovely event everyone! I especially liked the picnic blankets on the lawn and the live feed of the dunk tank on the POP WeChat. I think we should have POP corn at all our events!   Karen Shih writing to the POP Core Committee members 

Thank you Kathy and everyone for a job well done! I love it when you can just feel the love and support of a great crew! Debbie Shih writing to the POP Core Committee members 

Dear Parents, I talk a lot about a student’s education being like a three legged stool, with input by teachers, the student and the parents. It is only with those three legs all committed, will the stool stand.  Hence it is also with us here at YCIS.

Your efforts and the result of an excellent picnic and bazaar was shown that the commitment of our parents here at YCIS is in full support of our mission, and of supporting the program of the school.  Thank you for all of the work which you put in to connect with vendors, to provide an entertainment program, and lastly and most importantly, to provide a venue for our school community to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  It was truly and excellent event. As there is no rest for the weary – onwards to Christmas tree lighting where it will be CP’s pleasure to host.Secondary Co-Principals Fred Runkel and Jane Xie writing to POP Core Committee Members