Introducing the CP Campus Student Council

Written by: Julie Greenall, Secondary English Teacher

This year’s newly formed Century Park (CP) Student Council meets every Tuesday at lunchtime to discuss student concerns, as well as plan social and charity events, with the aim of being the voice of the students across the school.

Elected representatives from Year 6 – Year 13 bring their lunches and spend their meeting time considering various initiatives that affect students’ school lives. Last year, for example, reps were asked for their opinions on the new uniform proposals, as well as ideas for the new playground equipment.

Fun ways to bring the student body together are also planned and we’ve already got a Comfy Day (like a Pajama Day, but different…) designated for November, as well as a Fall Festival, during which autumnal activities involving pumpkins and apples should bring a little light relief before the commencement of the Secondary Examinations in December.

We are justifiably proud of the familial nature of our school, which promotes emotional as well as intellectual growth. The Student Council plays a big part in this, as each student representative becomes a crucial link in helping to build the strong community that exists at CP campus.

This year’s CP Student Council Co-Presidents, Shu Min Tan (Year 11) and Alexandra Saw (Year 10) are already developing excellent leadership skills. Over the course of the year, they will be encouraging the representatives to build their own communication and collaboration skills.

We are very happy to have Year 6 representatives on the CP Student Council for the first time, and they are quickly establishing themselves as strong members.

Final words from our Co-President Shu Min Tan: “Together, we plan to organise a fruitful year of events and activities that we hope everyone will enjoy. Do not hesitate to approach any one of the students from the council, as we welcome all ideas.”