A Window on Your Child’s Learning

Written by: John McEnhill, Primary Curriculum Coordinator and Veronica Martin, ECE Coordinator

At YCIS, we are committed to working in partnership with parents. As such we are looking forward to opening an exciting new app for parents, called Seesaw, which enables you to share in what your children are doing in class, right on your phone or tablet. Seesaw will allow parents and families to participate in their child’s learning. You can connect on a regular basis with your child’s individual work as well as see what their group has been working on.

All levels of the ECE and Primary are using the iPad to access Seesaw. The students from K2 to Year 6 and their teachers have been uploading photos of their work, and videos of what they have been doing, as well as reflecting on their work in an age appropriate way. This has allowed the children to revisit their learning. By empowering the students to access and think about their learning using Seesaw, we hope to empower them to think about their work, reflect, and also share with families.

Seesaw is also a powerful tool for teachers to offer feedback, and for students to feedback on their own and others’ work.  Seesaw is also a powerful tool for teachers to offer feedback, and for students to feed back on their own and others’ work.  It is being used across the curriculum: you will be able to see what your children have been working on in class, as well as in specialist lessons. We are very excited to roll this out across the school.  You will be receiving information about how to access Seesaw at the Parent Teacher Interviews.  We will also have a Seesaw HelpDesk in the Courtyard (RP) and Library (CP) on Parent Teacher Interview Day, to assist parents.

Accompanying this article you can see some examples of great work our students and teachers have been doing on Seesaw!