Co-Curricular Activities at YCIS

Written by Damien Hehir, Co-Principal

YCIS is committed to providing a holistic programme for all students, and the Co-Curricular Programme is one of the key ways in which this goal is realised.   We are very excited to introduce to you our new Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) programme for YCIS Shanghai – Pudong Campus for 2017-18.

This year we have renamed our former ASAs (Primary) and ECAs (Secondary) to ensure we have a consistent name across the school, and because we believe that these activities are not just after school, but at lunch times and on weekends as well.  Co-Curricular Acitivities are all the activities and opportunities we provide the children which fall outside the daily lessons at school, but play an essential role in adding to the overall educational experiences for our students.  CCAs provide students opportunities to try new things such as a musical instrument, a new language, learning a new skill in Chinese such as calligraphy, or playing a new sport.  The CCAs develop skills in the students whilst also allowing them to develop interests.


This year there are over 70 activities that our Primary students will be participating in – this is an amazing result.  The variety of activities on offer has never been more diverse or interesting for our students.  There should be something there for every child to try out, and many students will want to sign up for more than one activity.

Our CCAs have been a major focus for our school over the past few years.  We have listened to suggestions and feedback from parents and students, and the school has continued to add to what we offer.  The buses provided at Regency Park Campus during the CCA season, and the CCA buses at Century Park Campus which run all year have allowed more students to participate.

Some of the types of activities we run during the three CCA seasons include:

  • Active activities such as ballet, running and taekwondo
  • Academic activities such as book club, Chinese reading and writing and French
  • Creative activities such as Chinese cooking, chess club, minecraft, gardening and knitting
  • Artistic activities such as Chinese calligraphy, cartoon drawing, clay and pottery, choirs, violin, and wooden models

 Other activities which operate during the year and not just during CCA seasons include:

  • In-School Individual Instrumental Programme (IIIP) – lessons for various musical instruments on offer;
  • Bible club – optional for interested children, running at lunch times;
  • Girl scouts once a month on Wednesday afternoons.

On Saturdays, students are able to sign up for football, tennis, basketball, chess club and more activities will continue to be added.

In Music, there are many CCAs on offer again this year.  Students from Year 3 up are able to join the Primary Orchestra and in the second semester, there will be an advanced violin CCA to develop Year 2 and 3 students who will later join the Orchestra.  The Golden Voices is our choir CCA for students in Years 3-5 and they rehearse after school on Mondays.  We are pleased to introduce Ukelele as a new CCA this year, and students can sign up for this CCA both at Regency Park Campus and Century Park Campus.

Finally, there are all our sports teams, representing the school in weekend tournaments. We have 110 students playing in our weekend YCIS football teams from Years 2-6. We also have 57 students who are in our YCIS Swim Team. These students practice during the week and we will enter some weekend swimming meets during the course of the year.  Other representative sports teams include Australian Football (AFL) and Basketball.   Now that these programmes have been in place for a few years, it is extremely clear to all that our teams have become much stronger and the development of the students has been obvious.

So with so many activities taking place after school, during school and on weekends, there is no reason for your child to not sign up and join in.  We look forward to a great year of CCAs.