Welcome to the New YCIS Teachers

Written by: Damien Hehir and Mary Yu, Co-Principals

YCIS Shanghai is committed to recruiting highly educated and skilled teachers each academic year.  As in all international schools, teachers do move on to other countries or return home.  We generally have low turnover of staff but when we do need to replace teachers, we strive to find teachers who can adapt to our school environment, and can strongly support our school’s Philosophy and Objectives.  We begin recruitment of staff as early as November for the following year and use international recruitment agencies to help us.  YCIS ensures the teachers are well compensated so we can attract and retain the very best teachers and we also work hard to ensure that the teachers are developed and reach their full capacity when they are employed at YCIS.  After all, the beneficiaries of this commitment to recruitment and retention of the best teachers is of course the students themselves.  Nothing is more important to a child’s education than the quality of their teachers.

This year we are proud to introduce our new staff to you:

Shiho Hasui, from the United Kingdom – K4C Co-Teacher
Joanne Taylor, from the United Kingdom – Year 1A Co-Teacher









Lily Wang, from China – Year 1C Co-Teacher
Michelle Tasa, from Canada – Year 2A Co-Teacher









Rachael Taplin, from the United Kingdom – Year 3C Co-Teacher
Alex Hemley, from the United Kingdom – Year 4B Co-Teacher









Helen Szeliga, from the United Kingdom – Year 4D Co-Teacher
Colin Gallagher, from Ireland – Year 5C Co-Teacher









Michele Rowland, from the United Kingdom – Year 6A Co-Teacher
Zaid Saleh, from the United Kingdom – EAL / Year 6 Teacher









Joshua Williams, from the United Kingdom – EAL Teacher (RP)
Robert Cooke, from the United Kingdom – EAL Teacher (RP)









Ginger Hsieh, from USA – Resource Teacher (RP)

There are also two new Secondary Teachers who will teach our Year 6 students.  They are:

Tracey Cooney, from New Zealand – Physical Education Teacher (Year 6)
Gillian Skingley, from Scotland – Music Teacher (Year 6)









We are sure that our parent community will make them all feel very welcome.

We are excited about these wonderful new teachers and we wish them all a successful and enjoyable career with YCIS.