Speaking at the Year 6 Graduation

Written by Cathal Grimes (Year 6 Teacher)

Tiffany Lo and Hui Lim Chong were selected to speak at the Year 6 Graduation,  after winning the Speech Competition that was held on May 22. That day, they spoke in front of their classmates, the Year 5 students, and of course, the judges. “I was very shocked that I was selected because I didn’t believe that my speech would have a positive impact on the judges,” Hui Lim said of winning. Tiffany felt the same, but added, “I was way more nervous on the night of Graduation though. There were so many people in the audience, and I had butterflies in my stomach.”

Both girls have been a part of our school since K2! “I have made so many great friends at YCIS. For that I will always be thankful,” said Tiffany. Hui Lim agreed, adding, “9 years has gone by so fast, but I still remember everyone that helped me along the way.”

Tiffany and Hui Lim delivered amazing speeches. Their teachers, families, and fellow students looked on with a great sense of pride, as both girls gave their thoughts on many of the challenges the Year 6 students have faced in the past, and may face again in the future. “I decided to give advice in a simple way,” Tiffany declared, “reminding the audience of the ABCs of life.” Those ABCs were not as simple as the alphabet, as the messgae of her speech was to never give up! Hui Lim has a similar theme to her speech. She spoke about the Suān, tián, kǔ, and là (Sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy) memories of her time at YCIS. “I chose these themes because I thought it was a unique way of sharing my experiences of my time here. I think many of the students can relate to this as well.”

As the students are preparing for the transition to Secondary School, it turns out both Hui Lim and Tiffany have an inside scoop on what life is like from Year 7 onwards. Hui Lim’s sisters (Hui Wen and Hui Shing in Year 9), and Tiffany’s brother (Hey Cheuk, also in Year 9) are in the Secondary School. They have passed on some priceless information on how to survive the challenges that lie ahead. “Try to remember your timetable early, because there are so many new classes in Secondary,” Hui Lim’s sisters stated.

Of their time in Year 6, both girls reflected on the times they have had and the friends they have made with smiles on their faces. “My favourite part of Year 6 has been spending so many good times with my friends.” a giggling Tiffany said. She wouldn’t elaborate on that, but a few of the girls seemed to be laughing about something… “Sharing a room with my friend at camp was great,” Hui Lim added trying to hold the laughter back, “we did a lot of fun things there! I can’t wait for EOTC in Year 7.”

Year 6 is also a year where many important lessons were learned by our students. “I will always remember the quote: ‘failure leads to success’. That really stands out for me,” said Hui Lim. “By perserverence, everything reaches its target,” stated Tiffany. “I used that in my speech, and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”

This year has flown by so fast for all of us. We cannot believe  these students are now embarking on a new adventure as they leave us in the Primary School. However, we wish them every success in the future. We hope they have enjoyed their time with us, and are now prepared for the next chapter of their lives.

Good luck to all our departing Year 6s. We will miss you.