The Rhythm of Summer Reading

Written by Tania Jordan (Teacher Librarian – Primary)

Hopefully during the summer holiday the pace of life will slow down a little and there will be more opportunities for you and your family to enjoy a good book. Slowing down a little too much over the summer and forgetting about reading altogether can result in something known as the ‘Summer Slide’. That’s when some of the progress made from consistent effort throughout the year is lost when activities like regular reading are put on hold for the summer months.

But of course there are ways that your family can enjoy the water slide park without sliding into reading decline! Keep your children interested and engaged with their reading over the summer. Become a member of a local library. Visit bookstores. Make sure they see you reading and enjoying it. Read with them and ask them about what their reading. Turn reading into a treat by packing a picnic and books and heading outdoors.

Wherever you may be, we invite you and your family to take photos of yourselves enjoying the leisurely rhythm of summer reading. Your child’s two favourite photos can be handed-in at the ECE, RP or CP library after the summer holiday. Please make sure photos have your child’s name and class written on the back so they can be returned. The photos will be put up in the new school year as a celebration of reading and an affirmation of the reading culture at YCIS.

Any questions, please contact the Primary Teacher Librarian,

Look out for these Summer Reading Recommendations in libraries and book stores: