The Influence of Culture and Art

Written by Cindy Zhang & Joan Chen (Primary Chinese Studies Curriculum Leaders)

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy have a long history, and many people around the world are deeply attracted by the beauty of different genres and styles. Cultivating student interest in Chinese culture, increasing their knowledge of Chinese culture, and creating a good environment for students to appreciate the essence of Chinese culture are our aims at YCIS.

YCIS was honoured to have Yung Ngai Ching, an artist who specialises in Chinese painting, as our guest for one week. While Ms. Yung was here, she had different workshops with Upper Primary students, as well as workshops for parents and teachers.

Yung Ngai Ching is a Chinese Painting Instructor and Artist-in-Residence at YCIS Hong Kong. Ms. Yung holds her Advanced Diploma in Fine Art and Chinese Calligraphy from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also participated in a group exhibition in Hong Kong City Hall in 2016.

The Upper Primary students were able to try traditional Chinese painting using both ink and paints. They also had the opportunity to listen to the Artist’s feelings and understanding about Chinese painting. Daniel from Y6A said: “After the experience of this lesson, I know more about how to use ink and colour properly.”

During the week, Yung Ngai Ching had her open studio in the Regency Park Campus courtyard. During recess time, students and teachers got together to watch her paint and couldn’t wait to have a go themselves. The unique style of painting attracted everyone’s attention. Our visiting artist planted a little seed of appreciation for art that is now growing in everyone’s mind.

Parents and teachers also had a wonderful experience through the workshops with Yung Ngai Ching during the week. The artist not only brought us the joy and beauty of Chinese painting and calligraphy, she also gave us a fantastic experience of Chinese Culture.