Student Focus: Elisa Wu, Graduating Class of 2017 from ECE-Y13

Written by Andrea Griego (Student Support Coordinator)

Shanghai has been Elisa Wu’s home for the last 16 years and YCIS has been her school. Elisa moved to Shanghai from Norway when she was only 2 years old and has attended YCIS ever since. Elisa began her educational journey in 2002 as part of the YCIS Early Childhood Education (ECE) programme. Since her early days as an ECE and Primary student, Elisa has not only graduated with tops honors, but she has also made many friends and has several fond memories of her years at YCIS.

Elisa began YCIS at the ECE Puxi campus but soon moved to the ECE in Pudong the year after. She recalls that when she attended ECE classes, they where held at the Seasons Villas Campus. Elisa was very excited when in Year 2 she was able to attend classes at the newly built Regency Park Campus. She says, “It’s nice to see that it is all together and in one area,” speaking of the ECE and Primary. She says that one of her favourite years at Regency Park Campus was when she was in Year 4. Her teacher was Ms. Lydia Tkaczuk. She says she enjoyed that year and remembers one of the best days was when they had Viking Day. “We got to be Vikings for the whole day. We studied Vikings and took it further by dressing up like Vikings and making Viking boats,” remembers Elisa.  Ms. Tkaczuk also remembers that day, “We did this activity where the students made their own rune stones; they had a great time learning!” Ms. Tkaczuk taught Elisa in Years 4 and 6. “She was really eager to share her ideas and I always looked forward to seeing her group for literature circles because I knew she would have something interesting to contribute,” said Ms. Tkaczuk. She says that she still has a card that Elisa made her in Year 4 that conveyed Elisa’s enthusiasm for learning and it was evident that she enjoyed Year 4.

As Elisa moved through school, she says that many friends moved on from YCIS, mainly due to repatriation, but every year there were new friends too. One friend that Elisa has kept and will also be attending the same university is Rachel Lim. “Rachel has been a constant throughout the years of YCIS and I look forward to taking a new step together towards the future,” states Elisa.

Elisa has studied and worked hard to earn her International Baccalaureate Diploma and other awards like the DUX Award, which is the highest academic achievement award at YCIS. Elisa not only received the award this year in Year 13 but also in Years 11 and 12. She did a job-shadowing programme in Year 11 at the Body and Soul clinic and an internship this last school year at Parkway Health. These experiences have led Elisa to McGill University in Montreal where she will be studying Bio Chemistry this Fall. Ms. Tkaczuk has kept in touch with Elisa throughout the years and hopes they will remain in contact now that Elisa has decided to attend McGill University, which is not far from where Ms. Tkaczuk is from. “I’m hoping we can meet up for lunch when I’m back in Canada,” says Ms. Tkaczuk. Elisa is excited and ready for this new chapter in her life, but will first enjoy the summer in Shanghai before saying her goodbyes. Elisa is truly the essence of YCIS and we are proud that she will continue to represent YCIS throughout the remainder of her educational endeavors.