YCIS Parents, Great Role Models of Learning and Sharing

Written by Roseline Yang (Community Relations Officer)

If you read any books about parenting, you will find this common advice: “be a role-model for your child”. Guiding or motivating your child to do something or interact appropriately within the family and in the outside world is not enough. Children will learn much faster through your actions than your words!

Even before our resolution article for 2017, parents were already putting some of these tips into action, for example by setting up a parent book club! This time, we would like to share how the initiatives of some of you to share your skills or to set-up common interest groups have inspired others to do the same and make the life at school even more meaningful.

In January, Kathy Hall has launched and run a workout group for and with some of the other parents. This group of friends has been meeting twice a week in the RP gym and has been working hard under the supervision of “Coach Kathy”. Parents of this group, the majority of whom are members of the POP Core Committee, have become much closer as they support each other not only for fitness but also with parenting advice. Their mutual support has also had a stronger impact on their involvement for POP school events. For example, new community events have been organized to raise money for the charity  they are supporting in the second semester such as second-hand book sale, the Valentine’s Day and the upcoming Spring Charity Brunch!

Meanwhile, Fiona Zhang, who is also a YCIS parent approached me more or less at the same time to ask for a room to be available to practice yoga with some parents! They also have been meeting twice a week and are now forming a YCIS Parent Yoga Club. This also has been a great opportunity for them to exchange tips for relaxation, ideas for better educating their children and for preparing activities for the Global Child Day in May!

In the same month, Alberto Caballero, another YCIS parent, offered to share his knowledge about self-defence and personal protection not only with the parent community but also with the teachers and staff of the school, thus diversifying their learning opportunities!

These different initiatives that created a space at school for practicing sports have brought on even more opportunities. After Chinese New Year we were able to launch two more professional exercise workshops!

  • Non-contact boxing with Alina, teacher from Sport Life, on Fridays
  • Flow Yoga with Ana Eccles, YCIS Parent and certified Yoga teacher on Thursdays

When children see their moms at school, they ask them what they are doing and when the moms share that they are going to practice a sport or they are going to help the school with a project, you can see a smile coming up on the children’s faces, that may hide a sense of pride to have a parent that sets a good example for them!

Stay tuned as the end of March/beginning of April brings us more workshops. Some of these new workshops will allow you to get to know more about your health and better understand your body, thanks to Body & Soul Clinics, who is offering 3 workshops about health!