Top Tips for a Successful SLC with Your Child

Written by Melissa Shaw (Primary Curriculum Coordinator)

The Year 1-5 Student Led Conferences (SLCs) are just around the corner and will be held on Thursday March 30th from 1:00pm – 3:55pm. This special day is a celebration of learning, where students have the opportunity to share and discuss the progress they have made so far this year.

As we all know, presenting to an audience is not always easy, even when they are our parents. Here are a few tips that we would like you to consider in order to best support your child during this time.

Steady the nerves!
There are always a few butterflies in the tummy, so start the conversation by pointing out some positives for them or ask a question to get them started.

You could say,
 “I like the way that you….”
 “Can you explain to me what you had to do here?”

Praise their efforts
Praise your child’s work by identifying specific skills they have been able to use.

You could say:
“Well done, I like the way that you have used past tense throughout the story.”
 “It is great to see that you can use 2 strategies to solve different multiplication problems.”

Goal Setting

Give your child the opportunity to explain any learning they have found challenging, and praise them for their efforts.

You could say,“This is an area you find difficult, what do you think we could do at home to help you practice this skill?”

Our students always love meeting with their parents and find it a very rewarding experience.

“My favourite pieces were my PE, Maths, Topic and Art because I improved a lot and focused well on them” Hiroto Motoi Y4B (2015-16 SLC)

“I feel good about SLC’s because I could explain what I’m doing in school to my parents.” Alfie Chen Y5 (2015-16 SLC)

If you did not get the opportunity to register for SLCs, please contact your class co-teachers to sign-up. We look forward to seeing you all during SLCs!