YCIS Welcomes Acclaimed Children’s Author Neil Griffiths for Book Week

Written by John McEnhill (Primary Curriculum Coordinator)

This year’s Book Week is better than ever as we are joined for the week by UK published author Neil Griffiths.

Neil Griffiths worked as a Primary school headteacher before turning his hand to writing books for children. Neil’s books include The Journey, Shaun the Shy Shark and Sneezy Bear. They all feature strong storylines, memorable characters, enchanting language, and arresting illustrations. His books range from light-hearted topics such as farm animals, to more serious issues such as disability, covered in a highly accessible and child-friendly style.

Neil’s books have been nominated for national awards in the UK, and his 2012 book that arose from his experience in The Gambia, Fatou, Fetch the Water, was chosen as a “Must Read” on the 2012 National Library Summer Reading Challenge.

As well as being an accomplished and acclaimed author, Neil is a magical storyteller who is known internationally for his unique delivery, exceptional energy, and ability to make stories jump off the page and come to life. It is a great privilege for us to have him join us for a whole week at YCIS Shanghai. We are sure our students will benefit hugely. Students from K4 to Year 6 will all have the opportunity to meet Neil through interactive storytelling sessions held with each year level. He will also be carrying out training for staff and a variety of other sessions with students throughout the week. Additionally, he will host a workshop session with parents, which will be simultaneously translated into Chinese.  Click here to see the details sent out from the library for further details.

Neil’s books will be available for pre-order as well as for sale during Book Week. You can find more information about him at his website: http://cornertolearn.co.uk/about-neil/.  One of his books, Hats Off, inspired the theme for this year’s Book Week costume event on Friday when students are asked to come in wearing hats representing a book.