Student Blog: Holiday Recounts

Written by Y6C CAL-6 FEI Shuyang

Hi everyone happy new year! My name is Shuyang from Y6C.

The most exciting thing that happened this Chinese New Year was my family, my friends and I went to Fu Jian for a vacation. On the last night at Fu Jian, one of our aunts brought us a special firecracker—Shuaipao. I’ve played with firecrackers before but I have never played Shuaipao. When my friend threw the first Shuaipao on the ground, “BANG” it immediately made popping sounds! I was really frightened. But it was not dangerous and we had so much fun! At the end we actually brought two boxes of Shuaipao and we used them all up. The next day as soon as we woke up, we set off on our trip back home. The trip took 13 hours of driving. The trip was long but I was very happy after all.


 Written by Y6C CFL-5 Lun Hefei

Usually, my siblings are all over the world. My mom and dad are in Ukraine, my sister in America, my grandpa in Sanya, my grandma on my mother side is in Beijing, and me and my grandma are in Shanghai. This Spring Festival, all of my family members went to Sanya to celebrate. I wore my red clothes, and helped decorate our house. We put up lanterns, couplets and the character of luck. At night time, we sat around the table to talk about things that happened throughout the year. And I took interesting pictures with my siblings…To spend time and have a reunion with my family was the most important thing to do during my Chinese New Year.