My Christmas Holiday

Written by Hui Lim Chong Year 6B

One thing I did during the Christmas holiday was going to Disneyland. We had a family discussion and decided to go to there. My family usually would do something during the Christmas holiday: we might go sightseeing at a place somewhere out of Shanghai, visit other countries, and much more! But this year, we decided to stay in Shanghai.

We drove for 30 minutes to Disneyland by our friend’s car. Since I couldn’t sleep the night before, I slept for the whole journey.

When I first saw the Disneyland entrance, I knew that I was going to have fun. I was very excited because that was my first time at Shanghai Disneyland. It wasn’t what I expected because it was way more fun!

The first ride I rode on was ‘Tron’. Tron is Disneyland’s most popular ride. Tron is a high-speed roller coaster, it makes your heart beat rapidly at the end.  Many people said that they waited for 3 hours to go on Tron, but we were lucky because we only waited for 10 minutes!

We tried the caramel flavoured popcorn that was delicious! We bought a Minnie Mouse popcorn holder souvenir that you can hang around your neck, so convenient!

We rode many other different types of rides, which made us hungry. We went to a pirate restaurant and the food tasted amazing! The kids’ meal was Mickey Mouse themed, but the rest wasn’t. After that meal, my stomach didn’t complain anymore.

I would definitely come back again! The next time, I’m going to bring my other family members too!