Student Blog: Holiday Experiences

Written by Year 6  Students

Three Year 6 Students recount their Christmas holiday: Jaymee Hehir in Nha Trang, Vietnam; Ashley Yu in White Mountain, China and Hui Lim Chong in Shanghai.

My Christmas Holiday in Vietnam by Jaymee Hehir (Click here to read more)

Over the last few Christmases, Jaymee Hehir and her family usually go to Adelaide, Australia, where her Nana and Papa live, but this year they tried something different and decided to spend the holiday in Nha Trang, Vietnam. During the holiday, she experienced a number of sporting activities that she had never experienced before, such as going snorkeling or parasailing!

“It was a great experience for me and there is so much more for me to try there. I LOVE VIETNAM!”

My Trip to White Mountain by Ashley Yu (Click here to read more)

Although Ashley had already gone to the White Mountain and enjoyed the snow the year before, this year was a bit different as she went with her friend Jasmine and her family. A totally different experience when you share holidays with friends! Discover about the beauty of the mountains, the fun playing with snow, their skiing experiences and their adventure to the water park!

“There’s 3 words to describe White Mountain: fun, exciting and awesome!”

My Christmas Holiday by Hui Lim Chong (Click here to read more)

This year, Hui Lim Chong and her family decided to stay in Shanghai…and they took the opportunity to go and discover Disneyland’s magic and exciting park!

“I would absolutely recommend this trip to everybody because it was awesome! I would definitely come back again, but with some other family members too!”