4 Tips to Help Children with Upper Primary Transition

Written by John McEnhill (Primary Coordinator) 

Y6 have a great time on Camp.

It is the time of year when students become involved in events which help them to transition to new phases of the school. At YCIS Pudong, in Upper Primary, this involves both our Year 5 students, who are moving to Year 6 at our Century Park Campus, and our Year 6 students who are moving to Secondary. Children can become anxious at times of change, so see below for what we do to help them, and how you can help your children gain the maximum benefit from transition.

Talk to your children 
The school organises events for students to have a taste of the next phase in their school career: for example, our transition day for Year 5 students which took place on Monday, 16th Talk to your children about these events and try to help them with any questions. Which leads onto point two…

Talk to the teachers
Children can worry about things which might seem small to us as adults: Where do they store their things? What do they do at lunchtime? You might not know the answers, but you can find out. Attend the information meetings which we offer at YCIS, and also stay in touch with their current teacher, who will be able to answer their questions.

Reassure them that much is similar…
We are fortunate at YCIS that our children have Year 6 at CP as a “transition year”. With a Primary style program on the Secondary Campus, Year 6 is a fantastic way for children to be eased into the routines and expectations of Secondary School. Reassure your children that while things will change, much will be very similar. They will see this for themselves throughout their time at CP.

DT facilities are used by Y6 and Secondary Students.

Some things are better!
Transition to Year 6 and Year 7 brings lots of fantastic opportunities: remind your children of this. Among other opportunities, Year 6 students get to take part in Year 6 Camp, Secondary Drama productions, shared Extra Curricular Activities with Secondary, the Science Fair, CISSA sports, and have DT lessons in our workshops. Year 7 students get lessons with specialist teachers in all our specialist facilities, the opportunity to take part in World Classroom trips and Education Outside the Classroom as well as more freedom and the chance to build independence.  Speak to your children in positive terms about this, and reassure them what a great opportunity this is.