Year 5 Student Wins ‘Global Child Award’

Written by Andrea Griego, Student Support Coordinator

8-global-child-awards1The first ever YCIS Student Global Child Award winner was chosen this month. Tim Sanders from Y5A received his award at the Founder’s Day Assembly on Friday, October 14th.

What are the criteria for this award?
In line with our focus on the UN Global Goals this year, winners who will display the YCIS Philosophy and Objectives in their daily lives, specifically behaving and taking action in ways that help others. Examples of this are helping classmates, the school, or the wider community in special or out of the ordinary ways.

Who can be considered?
All students can be considered for this award, and it can be given to individuals, groups of students or even a class or year level.

Will this award be given through out the year?
Yes! Five awards will be given every academic year.

What did Tim do to win this award??
Tim has displayed leadership, citizenship and kindness when the school hosted the WILL Foundation children visiting during Kids’ Night In. He went above and beyond what was expected as a host by making sure that the students felt included and by helping them out in every way that he could. “I just like helping and having fun,” said Tim.

Mr. Lennart van Vlerken said,  “Tim always practises good sportsmanship and is very helpful on and off the sports’ fields. He shows these traits during PE lessons, recesses on the field and while playing for YCIS Sports Teams.”