Parent Involvement Benefits Everyone!

Written by Roseline Yang, Community Relations Officer

6-parent-involvement_mainParent involvement plays a very important role in your child’s education.  A parent being at school and involved, tells a child that you value his or her school and education, and it is worthy of your time and energy.  Parents who are involved in the school have a chance to work with their child’s peers and be a part of the learning environment.  The whole school is the beneficiary of involved, passionate and committed parents.  Let’s see some incredible contributions YCIS parents have made since the beginning of the school year!

Y1 Learning about Keeping Myself Healthypicture1
Making the best of our school community’s resources can be very beneficial to the students. The Year 1 teachers invited in a number of specialists to talk to the children about healthy living. In line with the theme of the incursion “Learn It, Own It, Share It”, the Y1 teachers invited Miss Zoe, YCIS School Counselor, Mr Lennart, Primary Sports and Co-Curricular Coordinator, Dr. Anusha Shetty from New York Dental and Ms Shih, Nurse Practitioner and parent at YCIS.

“I’m happy I could contribute to children’s learning, go out of my comfort zone and once again experience speaking in front of a public”. Debbie Shih (Y4 Parent and POP Core Committee Co-Chair)

picture2Inter-school sports competition
With the increase in the number of sporting teams representing YCIS, parents offering their time and help as coaches for sport teams has become very important and appreciated!

My daughter did not know anything about football and after participating in tournaments against other schools, she was able to experiment with different positions and found out where she felt most comfortable. And this was thanks to her coach who encouraged and motivated the children to try out different roles on the field.

6-parent-involvement_girlsGirls Scouts Camping Out
The great success of the camp out this weekend with all Girl Scout families is a result of parents’ support and participation and the strong commitment from Moms who are dedicating some of their time to prepare the meetings and activities.

“I did not expect that everything worked that well. It was the first time I felt like a big Girls Scouts family. On that camp-out, moms helped with activities and preparing breakfast while dads got involved for the barbecue dinner. Almost all parents participated but the most interesting part is that by contributing, everyone felt part of the same community and had a lot fun!” Jutta Petznick, Girls Scout Coordinator and Y5 parent.

Children’s personal and learning development are at the center of all our interest as parents, as teachers, and as a whole school. We would like to say a special thanks to all parents that have dedicated their time for and we hope that more will join the team to create a more balanced and fulfilling environment in our school community!