Meet the YCIS Student Council Representatives

Written by: Mr. Ryan Kravalis, Year 4 Teacher / Year Leader

2-student-councilFacilitating leadership skills is an important aspect of the YCIS Philosophy and Objectives. We recently held elections and Student Council representatives have been selected in each class by their peers. Over the course of the year, the Student Council will meet to suggest and discuss improvements and develop initiatives for the school. Part of their responsibilities includes passing information back and forth between teachers and students. Past projects have included initiating a Spirit Day and suggestion boxes in classrooms.

Let’s meet this year’s Primary Student Council Representatives:

Y3A Justin – I want to help others and help teachers be happy when they’re teaching. Y3A Danielle – I knew Student Council was a big job and I thought I could be responsible enough to handle it.
Y3B Paul – I will be good on student council because I perform a lot. Y3B Margaux – I will set a good example and to help everyone have the best school experience.
Y3C Emma – I want the school to be a better place. I’d like to have more PE classes and more field trips. Y3C Dong Ying – I’m looking forward to helping to grant the wishes of my classmates.
Y3D Sophia – I want the school to be better and to help students get things they will like. Y3D Kohen – I’m interested in changing the school to be a better place. I want to make the school friendlier.
Y4A Adison – I’m responsible and will help remind students to wash their hands before lunch and snack. Y4A Sungwoo – I want to help the school become more eco-friendly. We can use products from trees more carefully and cut down on electricity.
Y4B Natalie – I’m excited to take the good ideas from my classmates to my teachers. Y4B Sammy – I’m interested in the Global Goals, especially helping to conserve water.
Y4C Eli – I want to think of ways to encourage students to read more. Y4C Brenda – I’d like students to spend more time in the Library. Maybe we can get more books or make the Library more inviting.
Y4D Antonio – I have some ideas about improving the school uniform. Y4D Jodie – I’d like to design a better school uniform for girls to wear in the winter time.
Y5A Miguel – I think we can find a way to collect food and donate it to people who are hungry. Y5A Elizabeth – I’ll be great on Student Council because I set a good example for others with my behaviour, character and learning attitude. Y5A Emmanuel – I will be a good Student Council representative because I’m very responsible.
Y5B Nina – I think we could use a larger shaded area in the playground so children can play outside without being in the sun. Y5B Leo – I’m approachable so I will be able to take student ideas to the teachers.
Y5C Julia – I’m going to make a good Student Council representative because I’m positive and considerate. Y5C Logan – I’m excited for Student Council because I love to help others.
Y6A Skylah-Rose – I’d like to have some events that can help donate money to lots of charities.  For example, we could have bake sales every two months.
Y6A Yilin – While I’m in Student Council, I’d like to improve some school events.  For example, we could update some of the events during Charity Week to make them new and exciting.
Y6B Hui Lim – While I am on the Student Council, I’d like to hear suggestions from students and to make school a fun learning place for all students.
Y6B Bryce – I’d like to help the ideas and concerns of my fellow classmates be heard.  My goal is to help students’ experiences at school be the best they can be.
Y6C Jaymee – I’m excited because I’d like to include more options in the cafeteria.  I would also like to have more activities related to the environment.
Y6C Alana – I would like to bring the ideas of my classmates to my teachers so that they are heard.