Child Protection Update

Written by Zoe Andrews (School Counsellor) Child protectionRegency Park Campus has set up a Child Protection Committee to ensure we have policies and procedures in place for child protection (safeguarding).  The committee led by our Counsellor, Zoe Andrews and the Co-Principals, has been meeting for a number of months now and has made excellent progress.

child-protection-event3The Child Protection Committee is being guided by the work of the International Task Force on Child Protection which has been set up in recent years consisting of international education bodies, including Accreditation agencies of which we are members.  This very important work will now be monitored in international schools worldwide by Accreditation agencies.


One of our school-wide focus areas last year was to begin work on Child Protection in our school.  This was in response to three factors:

  1. We want to maintain the safety and wellbeing of our children to ensure their positive growth and development.  The work done by this committee will allow us to support any child we may have some concerns about.
  2. Another important factor was the introduction of a new law released by the Chinese government in March 2016 that relates to domestic violence.  There are two particular clauses that impact schools and specifically the protection of children in our care:
  • Rule 14 states that if schools, kindergartens or other welfare institutions discover a person with no civil capacity suffering from domestic violence, the school must report it to the public security organisation in a timely manner.
  • Rule 35 states that if the school fails to report the abuse, those directly responsible for failing to report it will receive administrative sanctions.
  1. We want to be align with the international standards on child protection with our accrediting body, CIS.  Child protection will be an important part of the process next time we go through the accreditation process.

Our Work So Far:children-drawing_00003

Last year we formed the Child Protection Committee, made up of Senior Leadership Team members, the School Counsellor, Learning Support and Class Teachers.  We attended training and developed Child Protection policies and procedures.  We are very pleased to announce the policies and procedures are in effect this year.  You can read the document on the Parent Blog, under the Child Protection section, or click here to go directly to the site.

Our Plans This Year:

We are also happy to report that the Committee has grown this year, which will help us to represent an even greater number of people in our school community.  Members include:child20protection20log

  • Both ECE and Primary Co-Principals
  • School Counsellor
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Student Support Coordinator
  • ECE Coordinator
  • ECE Student Support Teacher
  • Primary Classroom Teachers
  • Learning Support Teachers

We are all very enthusiastic about what we can accomplish this year and we are putting plans in place for the upcoming year. We are already discussing training opportunities for senior leadership members for accreditation, and training for all teachers and staff.  We also plan to provide parent workshops on child safety

We will continue to update you on this vital work in our community as new developments occur.