Chinese Studies–QINGMING Festival


In the theme of Qingming festival”,  students will learn the history of the Qing Ming festival also known as Tomb Sweeping Day ,an important day to show respects to ancestors. On this day, people are known to preform tomb-sweeping, planting of trees, fly a kite, enjoy spring outings and eat sweet green rice rolls. Towards the end of this unit, students will construct and fly a kite with bright colours in the blue sky.

Chinese Studies—Chinese New Year


In Y5 Chinese Studies, the students learned the theme, “Chinese New Year”. They learned the traditional customs of Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. Singing the Chinese festival songs, students are looking forward to the Chinese New Year.

Chinese Studies–QIN SHI HUANG

秦始皇 The First Emperor of Qin


We have learned the topic of “the First Emperor of Qin”. Students learned about Qin Shi Huang’s life and appraised his merits and demerits objectively. Students also tried to excavate the model of the terracotta warriors by themselves, which let them experience the joy of archaeology.

Chinese Studies–Silk Road


In Y5 Chinese Studies lesson, students learned the theme of “The Silk Road”. Students have read the historical story which is called “Zhang Qian’s Mission to the Western Regions.” They not only knew about the route of the Silk Road, but also understood the significance of the Silk Road in the China’s diplomatic and economic trade.


Chinese Studies–Loyalty and Brave


In our “Loyalty” and “Brave” theme, students now understand the meaning of “Loyalty” and what it means to be “Loyal to your country and the sacrifices we make for our motherland. They have studied the story of the ancient Chinese hero ——Yue Fei.  Children have also made comic books, understanding what it takes to be both “intelligent and courageous”.

Chinese culture – Art Life


在“艺术生活”这一主题,同学们欣赏了不同字体的书法作品,聆听了优美的古乐,了解了色彩艳丽的金山农民画。十一月份,学生们将去金山农民画村参观活动,绘制自己的金山农民画。 通过一系列的活动,同学们更全面地感受到了中国文化的艺术气息。

Chinese culture – Art Life

In the theme of “Art of Life”, the students appreciate calligraphy in different styles, listen to Chinese ancient music and get to know colorful Jin Shan Folk Painting. In November, the students will visit the Jin Shan Folk Painting village and draw a Jin Shan Folk Painting. Through a series of activities, the students fully feel the Chinese art culture.

Chinese Studies–Chinese Valentine’s Day



In Y5 Chinese Studies lesson, students are learning Qixi Festival. They are not only learning the customs and legend of the Qixi Festival, but also having chance to play “Clip Marbles”, which makes students experience the fun of the Qixi game.