Year 5 and 6 musical “Rock Bottom”

The Year 5 and Year 6 students once again pulled off an outstanding performance with the 2019 productio of  “Rock Bottom.”  It was a long process which started with auditions back in September 2018.  The successful cast members then received their scripts and many rehearsals, both after school and during school ensued. The performers learnt their lines, lyrics to songs, the moves to songs and how to act on stage.  The cast also benefited from the senior choir joining us at the beginning of February.  This year for the first time a group of Year 8s joined us to assist with stage management and performance elements.

The students and directors wish to thank the audience that came. It is pleasure to perform in front of a huge audience that laughed at most of the jokes.  We all hope you enjoyed it!! See you next year.

Primary Resource Teacher – Leon WEEKS