Year 3 recently finished an exciting Topic unit on ancient Rome. Students returned from their Christmas holidays to a learning space that had been transformed into ancient Rome. There were Roman statues, vases, a cobbled road and a really big map of the Roman empire, to name just a few. A very big thank you to the parent volunteers who helped create the wonderful display!

During our Roman unit, students made discoveries about the Roman government, emperors, it’s army and the vast areas of land that it controlled. In groups, students made Roman standards to represent which family group they came from, they studied maps of the Roman empire and were members of the Roman Senate in a government simulation game.

To create a link between subjects, students wrote an information report on a Roman topic of their choice during Literacy. This provided them with the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of the Romans whilst practicing reading and writing skills such as, skimming, scanning and paraphrasing. As a conclusion to our Romans unit, students worked with their peers to create a model or display to show what they had learned about their chosen area of research. Year 3 students then shared their projects and reports with teachers and students from Year 5.

Y3 Leader & Y3D Co-teacher – Lydia FISHER