The Topic Study of “Delicacies During Spring Festival”

Spring Festival is the most traditional and significant festival each year. “The sleepless night with the fireworks all over the sky; The new year filled with the laughters. “We had a plenty of activities during the new year. However, besides the smell of ink from the Spring Festival couplets and Fu character and from the new clothes and shoes, what appealed to us most was the smell from food. It left us with the endless aftertaste.

In the recent Chinese Studies Classes, Year 2 students began a series of exploration on the topic of “Delicacies During Spring Festival”. The children not only learned the origin and traditional customs of Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival), but also gained knowledge of the beautiful meanings of various traditional food. After the teachers’ instructions and example, the children learned to make the spring rolls. They used round semi-transparent papers as the wrappers and paper slips as the filling. In addition, we tried to make dumplings and Jiaozi with clay. Seeing the delicate works they made by their own, the children were overwhelmed with the happy and proud smiles on their faces.

In the coming April with the growing grass and flying yellow warblers, we are going to visit Fuchun Shanghai Dumpling House. There we will have opportunity to make real spring rolls and taste various kinds of delicious traditional Chinese snacks. Let’s look forward to the trip of amazing delicacies!

Y2F Co-Teacher – Juliet JI